Vol. 19 No. 2 (2011): Journal of Vaishnava Studies
Journal of Vaishnava Studies

The articles included in this volume were all presented at a special twopart panel on the Critical Edition of the Mahābhārata at the 39th Annual South Asia Conference in Madison, Wisconsin between the 14th and
17th of October 2010. Conceived roughly half a century after the completion of the Critical Edition of the Mahābhārata, the panel’s aim was to bring together advocates and critics of the Critical Edition to evaluate its impact upon Mahābhārata scholarship. Eight scholars from Australia, the United States, the
United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and Mexico met to discuss the future of scholarship on the great epic. Although the authors have had an opportunity since then to revise their submissions (and some have done so substantially), the papers nonetheless represent the collective result of these three days of
intensive and immensely fruitful discussions on the Mahābhārata.