Baladeva Vidyåbhüsana and the Vedåntic Refutation of Yoga

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David Buchta (Dvija Ma∫i Dåsa). (2022). Baladeva Vidyåbhüsana and the Vedåntic Refutation of Yoga: Journal of Vaishnava Studies. Journal of Vaishnava Studies, 14(1), 185–212. Retrieved from


No one who is at all familiar with the history of Hindu literature will be duped by the modern popular notion of Hinduism as a religion
wherein all is accepted. While the umbrella of Hinduism certainly encompasses a bewildering smorgasbord of doctrines, keen refutations of pürva-pakßins (opponents) are a staple of Indian religious and philosophical literature. To be sure, Hindu schools of thought have generally shown themselves liberal enough to accept relevant ideas even from opposing schools. Yet, in contrast to the notion of C. S. Lewis, who said of Hindus, Your Hindus certainly sound delightful. But what do they deny? That has always been my trouble with Indians—to find any proposition they would pronounce false. But truth must surely involve exclusions.

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