First Steps in Vedånta: Vedantic Texts for Beginners.

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David Buchta. (2022). First Steps in Vedånta: Vedantic Texts for Beginners.: Journal of Vaishnava Studies. Journal of Vaishnava Studies, 13(1), 215–222. Retrieved from


This new book by Neal Delmonico inaugurates a promising new series to be published by Global Scholarly Publications: Bilingual
Studies in Classical Sanskrit Texts. The series is planned to include works on religion, philosophy, literary criticism, hermeneutics, and literature from Hindu, Buddhist and Jain traditions. It also inaugurates a fourvolume sub-series to be continued by Delmonico which will present translations of Vedåntic texts in order of increasing complexity. Like the current book, the books of this series will include an introduction, translations of two texts, one from the Advaita tradtion and one from the Gau∂îya Vaiß∫ava (Acintya-bhedåbheda) tradtion, as well as translations of essays by relatively modern indigenous scholars of Vedånta. He writes of his purpose.

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