The Shri Radha Viraha Madhura

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Gerald T. Carney. (2022). The Shri Radha Viraha Madhura: Journal of Vaishnava Studies. Journal of Vaishnava Studies, 12(1), 85–90. Retrieved from


Krishna Gopal Duggal (1861-1912) saw selfless yearning for participation in the lila of Krishna as the highest religious calling and saw Raja as everyone's true abode. And so he cultivated relationships with the Radharamana Goswamis, supported Baba Premananda Bharati's mission to bring the Far West into the Vraja-mandala, gave poetic expression to the role of self-less love in the devotional
path, and envisioned an Indian religious and political culture that reflected the normative relationships of Krishna's play in Vraja.

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