Bengali Vaishnava Epistemology

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Aleksandar Uskokov. (2022). Bengali Vaishnava Epistemology: Journal of Vaishnava Studies. Journal of Vaishnava Studies, 18(1), 57–89. Retrieved from


The problems of knowledge in the philosophical system of Gau­∂îya Vedånta (Bengali Vaishnavism) seem to be the most neglected element in the secondary literature about the system. In my view, the only serious attempt in recent years to treat the problems of knowledge was the book Substance and Shadow by the late Suhotra Swami (1950–2007).
Although it is an excellent work of philosophy, a product of deep insight into the problems, it can hardly be described as a secondary source. Thus, an introductory yet exhaustive article on Gau∂îya epistemology would not be out of place.

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