From Narasimha to Jagannåtha

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Sara M. Adams. (2022). From Narasimha to Jagannåtha: Journal of Vaishnava Studies. Journal of Vaishnava Studies, 17(1), 9–32. Retrieved from


As soon as Indradyumna received the Mantra from Brahmå, the fourfold forms of the image disappeared before his eyes and in lieu of them, there appeared Narasiµha in sitting posture with Laksmî in his lap, holding the bow Pinåka and the discus SudarΩana in his two hands. The serpent Ûeßa holds a canopy over his head consisting of his thousand hoods. Indradyumna cannot trust his eyes. He asks Brahmå why suddenly the four forms of the Lord have merged into one form of the shape of Narasiµha . . . Brahmå explains that Narasiµha is the original and the primeval shape of the Deities.. . . He advises Indradyumna to worship Jagannåtha-Purußottama with the Narasiµha-mantra, which is the most effective of all.

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