Editorial Team

Our current, committed members of the editorial board are as follows:

  1. Guy L. Beck (Tulane University) - History of Religions, musicologist
  2. Edwin F. Bryant (Rutgers University) - Hindu Religion & Philosophy
  3. Gerald T. Carney (Hampden-Sydney College) - Religion
  4. Ravi M. Gupta (Utah State University) - Hinduism, Vaishnavism
  5. Barbara A. Holdrege (University of California, Santa Barbara) - Comparative Religious History, South Asian and Jewish Studies
  6. E. H. Rick Jarow (Vassar College) - Religion and Asian Studies
  7. June McDaniel (College of Charleston) - Philosophy and Religious Studies
  8. Vasudha Narayanan (University of Florida) - Religion
  9. Jonathan Edelmann (University of Florida) - Hinduism, Sanskrit, Indian Philosophy